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Formby beat Waterloo (31 Oct 23)

Well done on a good win. Formby won 5.5 to 0.5. John Grady won with the Stella Stood up Defence (buy a pint and wait for your opponent to not show up). Waterloo apologised for the no-show as they had other players who could have played. Dave Williams secured a forced perpetual check after going down 2 pieces (not sure how much of that material was part of the ruse to force the draw). Next Dave Colbourne won thanks to a rook sacrifice that failed to work, and after eventually forcing a queen exchange his opponent conceded. The next 3 games were a tense affair and time troubles were concerns in all, but Mike Barooah managed to force a pawn through in a queen and 4/5 pawn ending. The match points were then secured. Rob Owens had a strong finnish, he forced his opponent to separate his Bishop and King and had pawns running down both sides of the board and eventually secured a queen to ensure his opponent resigned. James Clarke had the final game and made full use (nerves a-jingling!) of the increment and managed to secure a win with rooks and a spare pawn. Whilst his opponent blundered a rook in the end James had the much stronger position anyway. The next game is in two weeks time versus Southport, a local derby!

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