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Formby chess club win the 2023 Merseyside League Division 3...!

Last night (4th April) Formby beat Liverpool (who were their closest challengers) to win the Merseyside Chess Association League Division 3 in their last game of the season. Formby now have an unassailable lead at the top of the division. Paul Jordan was first to finish with a relatively quick win. This was followed by a solid draw by Gabreil Dixon. Your webmaster finished against an opponent who he had already played twice this season but this time (unlike previously) with a win. Although in the game it felt like I was always under the cosh, later computer analysis showed that I was always in control and so it proved. Dave McKee then finished with another solid draw leaving us only half a point from the remaining two games to clinch the team win.

Phil Fisher looked in trouble from midway through his game and eventually lost... leaving David Williams on top board needing to get the result needed. The game looked very even and with his opponent in time trouble, David lost his queen to a sneaky(!) rook move. In spite of this, David played out the rest of the game evening up by trapping his opponent's queen just as his opponent's time ran out. A great win, and the title was Formby's!

... and the 7200 league!!

The division 3 title was not the first title win of the season, however. In the previous week Formby 7200 team clinched the 7200 League. As in the division 3 battle, this was a deciding match this time against Atticus, although we only had to avoid a defeat greater than 3-1.

I was the first to finish - I thought for one moment I'd messed up as halfway through my winning combination when I realised I was a rook down but I realised as I played the moves out I had calculated it properly! That left us needing a half point to win the league clearly - it was uncertain who would win the league if we lost the other 3 games. Gabriel was a piece down for a large part of his game and lost valiantly. Still a half point needed. Dave Colbourne in an uncertain position refused a draw! I'm not sure he knew that only a draw was needed. David Williams was in a good position in an end game, but suddenly had all his pawns on black squares and only a white squared bishop against a knight - which started to eliminate his pawns. However a draw was eventually agreed. Dave Colbourne had suddenly got the upper hand and his opponent resigned. Formby had won 2.5-1.5 and the title was ours!

So it was a good win to complete the 7200 season.

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